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Dr. Ahmad Hafez, DDS

Part time associate positions and locum dentistry.
  • Graduated in 2011 from a 5 year dental program at the University of Damascus.
  • Completed the NDEB equivalency process on first attempt and became a member of the RCDSO in January 2014.
  • Fellowship in oral surgery and impacted wisdom teeth by Dr. Larry Gaum, 2015
  • One year implant residency at the Ti-Max maxicourse by the Amercian Academy of Implant Dentistry 2015-2016
  • Licensed to practice moderate IV sedation, oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation.
  • Knowledge on laser dentistry, grafting, CBCT planning, occlusion, and photography during implant training.
  • Invisalign beginner and intermediate course.
  • Strong team work and communication skills with patients, which increases chances for case acceptance.
  • Well disciplined, punctual, very dependable and organized.
  • Experience in the management and treatment of children and anxious patients. 
  • Computer skills: extensive knowledge in computer software, hardware, websites and programming.
  • Experienced in SIMPLANT, a software by denstply for viewing CBCT scans and planning dental implants.
  • Bilingual: fluent in both English and Arabic.
General Dentistry Experience (7 years)
  • Experience in all aspects of general dentistry including comprehensive treatment planning, complex restorations, bridges, dentures, root canal treatments with rotary and surgical extractions of impacted wisdom teeth.
  • I love all aspects of dental implants including treatment planning, surgical placement, grafting, and restorative phase.
  • Experience in IV sedation with midazolam, oral sedation with triazolam and nitrous oxide sedation.
  • Experience in cosmetics, photography, occlusion, increasing the VDO with composites using KOIS technique.
Academic Dentistry Experience (7 years)
  • Passion for education and teaching foreign trained dentists the knowledge required to pass the equivalency exam
  • Created a comprehensive review or curriculum of general dentistry used for teaching foreign trained dentists.
  • This includes dental theory of all aspects of dentistry from A to Z and clinical judgment case learning.
  • In the process of creating and compiling study manuals that include original art work and explanations.
  • Started Scholars Dental with the goal of simplifying the knowledge of dentistry for improved practical use.
Other Experiences
  • 3 years part-time as a Jeweler at Damas Diamonds ltd. or as recently known as Damasci. This included following the process of making a jewelry piece form start to end and customer service.
  • Computer programming projects on several occasions include and not limited to a software for a facial developmental disorder research at the University of Damascus and a software for a prosthodontist which organized patient referrals from general dentists.
  • Website development experience, created the scholars dental website.
  • When I am not teaching, learning or creating lectures and manuals; I enjoy working out, swimming, basketball, soccer, squash, kickboxing, long walks, spending time with family, watching movies, and believe it or not playing video games.

Course Features

Live Sessions

Exciting group discussions with our instructors and students. Clear all your doubts and questions after watching the videos.

Online Videos

Online AFK lectures give students flexibility to study from the comfort of their home, review at a later time, or catch up on missed lectures.

Personalized Teaching

Plenty of opportunities for 1-on-1 interaction between instructor and students for an effective learning experience.

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Experienced Instructor

Dr. Hafez is known for his ability to simplify difficult concepts and utilizing engaging memory and visualization techniques that students never forget.

Cleverly Designed

Every aspect of the course, from the books to the slides, is skillfully designed by Dr. Hafez in a systematic coherent fashion.

Payment Plans

Installment plans available to a limited number of students every cycle to ease the financial burden of the Canadian dental equivalency process.


Aug.06, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EST

How to prepare for the AFK exam, what to expect and best online methods

Why people fail and how to manage yourself

How Scholars Dental can help you prepare for AFK, INBDE & ADAT

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