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How to navigate ACJ during a global Pandemic

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As you all know by now, the NDEB has postponed the exam until further notice due to the current global pandemic. The pandemic has affected everyone including foreign trained dentists that have been studying tirelessly for the NDEB equivalency process.

We want to help you navigate your exam preparation during these times. We are pleased to inform you that we have made changes to support students who are planning to take the ACJ exam. WHY WASTE YOUR TIME? We came up with a plan that will help you take advantage of the exam delay and start preparing earlier and for a longer time, at NO EXTRA COST.

We know the questions and thoughts that come up in a passive mindset "Why study now? Why not wait until the NDEB announces the exam date? We should just sit at home and wait". The questions that arise in a proactive growth mindset that is looking into the future are the ones we want to ask you "Why not be proactive and ahead of the game? Why not benefit from the exam being delayed to catch up on your studies? Why not use the time at home to study ACJ online and invest in your future?"

If you have just passed the AFK exam and you are new to the ACJ, you should use this extended time that you have been given to prepare for the ACJ exam and catch up to experienced ACJ students. We all are aware that the ACJ exam has become more competitive in the recent years with many changes to its format and if that's not enough, new students had very little time (6 weeks) between the release of their AFK results and the next ACJ exam. This usually causes most students to fail on their first try and retake the exam.

The NDEB will eventually decide on a date for the exam, whether it's in Prometric centers or perhaps an online exam, either way it will happen. If becoming a dentist in Canada is your priority, then you should do the best you can to take advantage of this delay by catching up on your studies online, especially if you are new to this exam and have just passed the AFK.

How can we help?

Scholars Dental provides an excellent platform for students during these times. Since the launch of our online courses, we have been building our ACJ online curriculum by uploading high quality recorded videos, lectures and cases on our website. All of our ACJ students will have access to these online lectures and materials as soon as they register for the course. You will also receive an ACJ colored textbook with images and explanations.

You can spend your time at home investing in your future and success.

You can see how our online platform works in the video below:

We also postponed our live sessions and four mock exams to allow students to study them later, closer to the rescheduled ACJ exam date. Once the NDEB releases a date for the upcoming ACJ exam, we will update our schedule to include live sessions and mock exams accordingly. 

We want all of you to stay safe, we will overcome this pandemic together, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we can help you make the best use of your time at hand until the next ACJ exam date is announced by the NDEB. 

Warmest regards,

Dr. Ahmad Hafez and the Scholars Dental Team

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