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ADAT  Feb 2024 - 6 Weeks

ADAT Feb 2024 - 6 Weeks

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Excluding GST/HST

Important Course Disclaimer for Prospective ADAT Course Students

Welcome to our specialized ADAT course, a tailored extension to the foundational AFK course provided by Scholars Dental. Please read the following carefully before enrolling:

Curriculum Focus
This course exclusively addresses ADAT-specific topics. It builds upon and assumes familiarity with the concepts taught in the Scholars Dental AFK course.


Focused Review of AFK Topics

While we won't be covering AFK subjects in depth, our ADAT course includes brief reviews of key AFK concepts to ensure continuity and reinforce understanding. Students are encouraged to consult their AFK course materials for comprehensive coverage of these topics.


Ideal for Scholars Dental AFK Alumni
This ADAT course is optimally designed for students who have completed the Scholars Dental AFK course. You'll find that it seamlessly integrates with the knowledge and skills acquired in the AFK course.

Open Enrollment Advisory
All students are welcome to join our ADAT course. Please note, this course is tailored to complement our AFK course at Scholars Dental. If you've studied AFK elsewhere, a review of foundational concepts is recommended to maximize your ADAT preparation with us.


Not a Standalone Course for ADAT Prep
We do not recommend relying solely on this course for ADAT preparation if you haven't completed any AFK course. The ADAT course is an advanced module and works best when taken after our AFK course.


By enrolling in this ADAT course, you acknowledge the above prerequisites and conditions. Our goal is to ensure you have the best learning experience and are well-prepared for your ADAT journey!

  • Duration:  
    6 weeks


    • Access to ADAT relevant videos
    • 6 Live Zoom sessions (Sundays)
    • Online sessions will be recorded
    • 3 Live sessions to review bio-med, bio-stat and clinical sciences
    • 3 Mock Exams to get exam ready
    • 3 Live sessions to discuss the mocks

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