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Assessment of Clinical Judgement-12 weeks

The ACJ dental course assesses your capacity to diagnose, make clinical decisions, and evaluate your knowledge in oral radiology and radiographic interpretation. It spans a 5.5-hour examination and features 120-150 single-answer and multi-answer multiple-choice questions. Each section of the exam includes case-based diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical decision-making questions, along with radiographic interpretation inquiries.



You are ready for the next step, the Assessment of Clinical Judgement. The ACJ exam requires a specialized studying approach with the help of experienced mentors.


Students find it challenging to keep up with recent updates and changes regarding the ACJ exam. This is why a supportive ACJ course with online ACJ support is essential for passing the ACJ exam. Our ACJ course will get to the point and provide you with the information and strategy you need to pass the exam up until the exam date.  

What's Different About Our Course?

The Flexibility is Awesome!

Flexibility with the videos

They are available at all times during the course

Flexibility with the live sessions

They are recorded for you

Flexibility with the mocks

Do a mock anytime during the week

Course Module

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