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Financing NDEB Costs

Financial Support for
Internationally Trained Dentists


Study Full Time
Finish NDEB Process Faster

How it works

Step 1

NDEB Approval
PR in Canada

Receive up to $25,000

for AFK

Step 2

Pass the AFK

Credit approval for $35,000

for ACJ

Step 3

Pass the ACJ

Credit approval for $50,000


Step 4

Pass the NDECC & register for the OSCE

Credit approval for $15,000

for OSCE

Contact an Expert

Which step in the NDEB best described you?

Thanks you for contacting CIBC We will get back to you as soon as we can

Learn more details about this program on CIBC website click here

CIBC's team of specialist ITD Program advisors can be found click here

Financial advisors for after you receive the license 

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