"Dr. Ahmad was very helpful in my AFK preparatory course. It was because of his efforts that I could manage to get a score of 90. His enthusiasm and openess in discussing questions and topics is credible. He is very patient in explaining the concepts and repeats it again and again until every single soul in his class understands the concept clearly. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything starting from the basics. He teaches in a manner that makes everything so easy to understand and remember. I appreciate the time and effort he puts in every single one of his students in order to make them succeed. I would recommend Dr. Ahmad's AFK preparation courses to everyone wanting to be a dentist in Canada"


Dr. Kashish Kohli

DAL University

"His thorough knowledge and calm demeanor made everything possible. I scored an 87 in my AFK, it never would have happened without Dr.Hafez's help. He made sure we had all the necessary materials and references to back up our answers. He discusses everything in a very calm manner and helps us understand the basics. I would recommend Dr. Ahmad's classes without doubt to everyone preparing for NDEB" 


Dr. Krissy Singh

DAL University

"Oh Dr. Ahmad, I'm glad to know you're still giving courses, because the lectures you gave us in AFK were of a very great benefit. We were lucky to have you, and anyone who will attend your lectures will be lucky to have an instructor like you. Best wishes"


"Hello Dr.Ahmad, I was only saying the truth, without you, me and many others wouldn't have been able to pass the AFK in such a short period of time to prepare for it"


Dr. Rasha Badria

"I attended Dr Hafez's 2 days afk review. He is more than perfect, I recommend him to anyone planning to take the afk, his material is perfect , from decks and reference texts and he has a lot of knowledge that will help you in the exam and the best thing he was doing during explaining , was that he tells u how to memorize things and gives u keys on way to remember how to memorize . his lecture was really helpful . If I knew about him earlier i would have certainly taken a full course with him."


Ahmad Amr Helmy

Revision of what you study is the final touch of what you have learned and memorized so far . It is a very essential process for preparation of the exam , especially for board exams. I attended Dr. Hafez ‘s revision which was two days, and I can tell that it was beneficial for me. He revised with us ,as much as he can , the important parts of the science sections which represent 20 % of the AFK exam, plus he discussed questions that are common in the exam, all that was on the first day. Then, the second day, he revised with us plenty of Pharma, especially the classifications of drugs, which is the key for study any thing related to drugs study. In addition we talked about different diseases in Oral Pathology, also we talked about Periodontal surgery and different techniques for treatment of Gingivitis, Periodontitis and dental pockets. Last but not least , I want to thank Dr. Hafez so much for his time and effort, it was helpful revision, I recommend any dentist in Canada who plans to take the dental board exam (AFK), to attend Dr. Hafez‘s revision. Thank you Dr. Ahmad Hafez! And Thanks for Scholars Dental Education!

Yasmin Ismaiel

Thank you for the great two day seminar. I am truly appreciative, the lectures were immensely rich and beneficial. Your aim to reference every answer you provide was admirable, and very helpful. Your humble nature added to the pleasure of attending your lectures. 

Ghassan Omera

Scholars Dental Education and Dr. Hafez are everything that you need to PASS NDEB exams. Dr. Hafez and his teaching are though , very descriptive and simple to understand. They give you the road map, and they help you to walk the path to getting your license. That said, the assistance in learning that I received from Dr. Hafez was invaluable. My career coach was a God send who helped me keep my head up when I thought for sure I'd failed.
It's hard work. It gets frustrating. You will doubt yourself and others along the way. But it's real and it's up to you. There is no such thing as magic.This program has focused me on the RIGHT TOPICS TO STUDY , and the RIGHT ORDER TO STUDY them. Finding individual free resources is easy, but figuring out how to combine them into a worthwhile lesson plan is nearly impossible. Scholars Dental Education program sets you up with exactly what you need to learn and update, providing a great foundation of knowledge that is setting me up to code in the real world of Dentistry in Canada. I would recommend Dr. Hafez and his courses as THE BEST STARTING POINT for your NDEB exams. Additionally, thanks to them, I was hired fairly quickly after getting my license in a job I love and am still working in today. I can enthusiastically recommend this program to anyone who is looking to obtain their dental license in ASAP mode.

Dr. M.Z.

"It is a strong professional review course. I gained a lot during two days. 
It is highly recommended.

Thanks Dr. Ahmad for helping"

Moutih Rajoub

"I attended the revision for two days with Dr.Ahmed it was one of the best revisions I have attended so far, amazing environment,and great doctor, I really recommend the course for anyone who's planning to do AFK exam. Good luck" 

Duaa Salih Makawi​

"It was indeed a great opportunity to attend Dr Hafe'z AFK review classes. I found that extremely helpful as he covered the areas of all important topics very judiciously. He is very knowledgeable and his technique and advice focused on highly exam oriented, which I feel was very helpful for me."  

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Fazal Reza

"Dr. Hafez is such a wonderful instructor. His knowledge about the subject and his teaching style makes it easy for student to understand. I really enjoyed this session and will highly recommend his course for all students preparing for their AFK. Thank you Dr. Hafez."

Jignesh Patel

"Dr. Hafez is such a wonderful instructor. His knowledge about the subject and his teaching style makes it easy for student to understand. I really enjoyed this session and will highly recommend his course for all students preparing for their AFK. Thank you Dr. Hafez."

Jignesh Patel

"Dr. Hafez is such a wonderful instructor. His knowledge about the subject and his teaching style makes it easy for student to understand. I really enjoyed this session and will highly recommend his course for all students preparing for their AFK. Thank you Dr. Hafez."

Jignesh Patel

"I was uncertain and overwelmed. I have spent 10 years + waiting for the opportunity to write the AFK exam. Sometimes studying on your own requires more time and energy, focus and motivation. After attending the review Dr Ahmad Hafez offered today I felt a relief and understood that sometimes this is what we need to write it sucessfully an extra dose of preparation and I am so fortunate we got people like Dr Ahmad willing to offer the help students need to prepare fully for the exam! Thanks again for the opportunity and I am hoping to do the prep course soon feeling confident now that I got the resources to pass it with flying colors"

Gina Goldsworthy

"In spite of my short attention span, Dr Ahmad was able to keep my eyes open the whole time by making things look extremely organized and simple . He uses numerous attracting patterns and illustrations. Moreover, he always comes up with several ways to memorize things. He knows very well what important for afk , so he doesn't overwhelm students with unnecessary info . Interestingly, he never gives answers off the top of his head . His answers are always documented with references. No doubt I'm going to his next course in March ."

Ghaith Kiblawi

"I attended Dr. Ahmad Hafez's one day free basic science class. He is an excellent teacher! He made things simpler for easy absorption of the student. I think he would be of big help for my AFK review. I plan to join his AFK preparation course come March 2018, I highly recommend him! 

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