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Dr. Hafez is a Canadian citizen that received his dental education in Damascus, Syria. After graduating from the University of Damascus, Dr. Hafez successfully passed the AFK exam with a score of 91 from his first attempt. After passing the AFK with a high score, Dr. Hafez was able to pass the assessment of clinical skills and assessment of clinical judgement NDEB exams of that same year and was also accepted to the IDAPP program at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hafez went on passing the written board exams and OSCE exams and received his license early 2014. Dr. Hafez is a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has received his Fellowship Certificate from the Oral Surgery Academy for General Dentists.

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Dr. Hafez started teaching AFK lectures in 2013 with great feedback from students. He also has experience in private tutoring for clinical skills and clinical judgement exam. Dr. Hafez's main strength is his understanding of the obstacles a non-accredited dental student must overcome to learn and pass the AFK exam.

Dr. Hafez has been working as a licensed dentist in Canada since January 2014, with experience in private practice and community health centers. He is currently working in a private practice in Hamilton, Ontario. 
Dr. Hafez continues to be a student of dentistry, and has taken multiple continuing education courses in fields of sedation, oral surgery, occlusion, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry and implantology. 

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