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Situational Jud
gment Course

Learn the situational judgement theory using our online video platform. Practice and practice situational judgement scenarios during our live online sessions.
One month practice only available (conditions apply)

20 Students

2 month

2200 + tax


Limited seats for a more individualized experience and improved quality.

Modelling, Rehearsal, Feedback & Improve

This method targets what you need to pass the NDECC Situational Judgment exam. The Situational Judgement does not require the intense theoretical preparation that students went through during their AFK preparation. The time and effort in SJ preparation should be heavily invested in patient scenario practices. This is the reason why our approach focuses on the BST method which improves the performance & communication in the test and will follow the formula below: 

  1. Instructions: The instructor will teach how all scenarios should be managed

  2. Model: The instructor will model the appropriate way to approach all scenarios.

  3. Rehearse: Students and instructor will pair up to role-play different scenarios and from different perspectives as a dentist, patient and evaluator.

  4. Feedback: individualized feedback will be provided to tackle each problem you face.


Behavioral Skill Training BST


One Month
Practice Only In Person

Available for SJ course students on

Knowledge & Theory Review

Even though the practice and rehearsal component is the most important to pass the situational judgement, a focused theory and knowledge review will be provided in our course. You will have access to our previously recorded lectures to learn the theory. Maximize instructor time in the live session by asking questions and practicing scenarios.

Evidence Based & Focused

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