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3 months 

Learn the NDECC situational judgement theory using our online video platform—practice and practice situational judgement scenarios during our live online sessions.


Limited seats for a more individualized experience and improved quality.

Knowledge &
Theory Review

Even though the practice and rehearsal component is the most important to pass the NDECC situational judgement, a focused theory and knowledge review will be provided in our NDECC course. You will have access to our previously recorded lectures to learn the theory. Maximize instructor time in the live session by asking questions and practicing scenarios.

Evidence Based & Focused

Our NDECC Course Modules

ndecc situation judgement practice interview

3 Months

  • Watch pre-recorded videos before live sessions.

  • Access our mobile-friendly video platform.

  • Focus on practice during live sessions.

  • Improve through modeling, rehearsal, and feedback.

  • Get theory guidance on key articles.

  • Take NDECC mock exams in the final month.

ndecc situation judgement mock exam

6 Months

Integrated Course

First 3 Months​

  • pre-recorded videos and self-study

Next 3 Months

  • practice-focused NDECC SJ course and NDECC skills practice

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