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Scholars Dental Team

Meet Our Team.

Scholars Instructor Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Scholars Dental, our dedication to excellence is evident in our team selection process. We handpick instructors and teachers who are not only exceptionally talented but also deeply committed to our "student-focused, scholar results" philosophy. With Scholars Dental, you're assured of an exceptional education that prioritizes your success above all else. Welcome to a world where excellence is the norm, and your achievements are our primary focus.

Founder & Chief Instructor


Dr. Ahmad Hafez

Meet Dr. Ahmad Hafez, the visionary founder of Scholars Dental. Dr. Hafez's remarkable journey includes acing all NDEB exams on his first attempt, securing an impressive 91 on the AFK, and gaining admission to the esteemed UofT IDAPP program. His innovation shines through in the creation of our highly effective Scholars Dental courses. Dr. Hafez is not only a pioneering educator but also a practicing dentist in Canada, embodying the excellence we strive for at Scholars Dental.

ACJ Scholar


Dr. Ulla Alsheikhly

Dr. Ulla's journey with Scholars Dental is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did she pass the AFK and ACJ exams on her first attempt, but she also distinguished herself as a highly talented ACJ instructor. Her innovative teaching methods for ACJ radiology and pathology have set her apart. With a perfect record of passing all NDEB exams, she's well on her way to becoming a licensed dentist in Canada.

AFK Scholar


Dr. Hajar Hamza

Dr. Hajar is a remarkable addition to our team at Scholars Dental. She passed both the AFK and ACJ exams on her first attempt, achieving an impressive score of 90 on the AFK, a testament to her dedication and the effective teaching methods we offer. Her exceptional abilities were further recognized with acceptance into the prestigious University of Toronto IDAPP program. As an educator, Dr. Hajar's innovative teaching style has won the hearts of our students, making her a beloved member of our team.

NDECC Scholar

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Dr. Saif Alwakeel

Dr. Saif, who passed the AFK and ACJ exams at Scholars Dental and is a licensed dentist in Canada, combines professionalism with tech-savvy expertise. Dr. Saif's talents extend to creating highly effective skills videos and SJ design courses. His exceptional teaching skills, coupled with his tech prowess, enable us to offer our students the most effective tools and resources for excelling in the NDECC exams.

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