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Frequently Asked Questions

 01 Do I need a course to pass the exams?

No, you do not. I have seen students pass with out a course, I have seen students take different courses and pass, I have seen students take courses and fail. It is important to understand that the main factor in passing this exam is YOU! All courses out there can help you in many ways, they can speed your learning process, provide you with a structure and benefit from experienced instructors that have passed the NDEB exams.
 02 Where do I study from to pass, are the lectures you provide enough?

Examination questions can be from anywhere, if our dental schools couldn't teach us dentistry in 5 years, I cannot do it in few days. My main goal, is to have you learn the dental knowledge related to board exams. This includes learning information from the board related textbooks, and expand further to answer questions. If you feel a need to expand even further that is your personal effort.
 03 Where do I study from to pass the AFK?

I personally studied from the dental decks part II, and went over the released questions. I also expanded to textbooks, videos, basic science textbooks, I have summarized this information and do my best to teach it.

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