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Advanced Dental Admission Test

6 Weeks

ADAT Bridge COURSE Online

What is the
ADAT and why is it important?

  • The ADAT or Advanced Dental Admission test is an exam by the ADA (American Dental Association) offered at Pearson VUE Test Centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The test is mainly used for admission into dental specialty programs in U.S. Universities. It is also becoming the standard exam required for foreign trained dentist in Canada for admission into Canadian dental universities.

  • The exam consists of 200 questions, 80 bio-med, 80 clinical sciences, and 40 bio-stat. 

Course Curriculum.

3 Live Lectures.

3 ADAT Mocks.

  • Pre-recorded videos for the subjects Bio-Medical and Bio-statistics via access to our online platform.

  • 3 full live lectures that will be recorded and uploaded to our platform.

  • Students required to review the clinical sciences portion from their AFK material. We will practice and apply the clinical sciences to ADAT specific questions.

  • 3 Full ADAT mock exams and 3 full day mock discussions to review all 3 aspects of the exam.

  • The ADAT book "part 5" of our Foundations of Dentistry curriculum is printed in color and shipped free anywhere in the world.

  • Access to digital textbook on our online platform for the duration of the course (mobile and tablet friendly.



Road Maps

  • The Ideal: Take the AFK course in September, then take the ADAT bridge course in Feb just after completing the AFK course. This will allow you to take the ADAT between March-August just after completing both courses (this also allows you to take the AFK in Feb if you want to).

  • Alternative Plan: Take the ADAT bridge course in February, and take the AFK course in March. In this case you will have to take the ADAT test before completing the AFK course (before August). Note there will also be an overlap between AFK and ADAT course in March.

Take The AFK Course
Before ADAT

  • We highly recommend to take our AFK course before the ADAT course.

  • If you have taken another AFK course and would like to take our ADAT course, you are welcome to do so. However, please note our ADAT course is intentionally designed to supplement our AFK course.

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