Learn how to become a dentist in Canada and the best strategies to pass the NDEB exams

The NDEB equivalency process provides foreign trained dentists with an opportunity to become a licensed practicing dentist in Canada. The process consists of 3 exams followed by the licensing exams (written board and OSCE exams). This is called the direct path (does not involve going back to university). The second method is to go through university. Regardless of the pathway you choose, both begin with the AFK exam, and both end with the OSCE and written board exams.

Steps for direct process:

  1. Approved by NDEB 

  2. Pass the AFK exam

  3. Pass the ACJ and ACS exam

  4. Pass the written board and OSCE exams

May require: 1-2 yrs, $30k-$50k 

Steps for university pathway:

  1. Approved by NDEB 

  2. Pass the AFK exam with high score

  3. Complete a Canadian university program

  4. Pass the written board and OSCE exams

May require: 2-3 yrs, $100k-$200k


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Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)

The AFK exam consists of 300 multiple choice questions that cover all fields of dentistry and is the first step of the journey that all foreign trained dentists must go through. This exam will really test the dentists core understanding and knowledge.  We at Scholars Dental believe this is the most important step in the process and have made the preparation for AFK our specialty. We have create an excellent AFK Course. Scoring high opens the university pathway. Learning the core knowledge in the best way possible will ease the remaining steps of the process. Moreover, passing the first step smoothly will give the student confidence to continue the process, whereas failing may damage your confidence.

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Assessment of Clinical Judgment (ACJ)

The ACJ exam is a case-base examination that consists of two booklets. The first booklet tests a students clinical judgment in diagnosis and treatment planning through a series of clinical cases with patient info, medical history, dental history, photos, symptoms and other info necessary for the cases. The second booklet consists of radiographs and test a students radiographic inteepretation of pathological conditions, carries, calculus, periodontal conditions and more. Our ACJ Course trains students to apply the fundamental knowledge learned in the AFK Course to realistic clinical cases.

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Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)

The ACS exam will test a dentists dexterity and clinical skills by preparing and restoring Kilgore teeth. There are 12 projects including crown preps, cavity preps, class II and class IV restorations, temp crowns and more. The student must purchase all the required material for the exam and training period. There are many courses that prepare students for the ACS exam, however, we at Scholars Dental focus all our energy on the academic and theoretical aspects of the NDEB process. 

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NDEB strategy

We recommend that our students focus on passing the AFK and ACJ. Its ideal to study them close together because the theory remains fresh. After passing the two theory exams we refer our students to credible institutes that prepare them for the ACS. The chance of passing the AFK and ACJ is highest with ScholarsDental because we ensure that they remain our only focus.

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