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NDEB Canada Dental Equivalency Process

Are you an internationally trained dentist & would like to become a licensed dentist in Canada? Learn all about the NDEB process & exams.

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NDEB Application Steps

  1. Open an NDEB account (click here) and pay the account fee.

  2. Send the documents requested (watch video)

  3. Wait for the NDEB to review and approve your documents.

NDEB Equivalency Process?

The NDEB equivalency process helps international dentists become licensed to practicing dentists in Canada. It involves three exams, followed by the licensing exams (written board and OSCE). This direct path doesn't require going back to university. The other option is to go through a university program. Both paths start with the AFK exam and end with the OSCE and written board exams.

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Direct Path


University Path

Steps for Direct Pathway

  1. NDEB application & approval

  2. Pass the AFK exam

  3. Pass the ACJ and NDECC exam

  4. Pass the written board and OSCE exams

Duration: 2-3 years

Budget: $30k-$60k

​Steps for University Pathway

  1. NDEB application & approval

  2. Pass the AFK &/or ADAT

  3. Complete a Canadian university

  4. Pass the written board and OSCE exams


Duration: 3-4 years

Budget: $100k-$200k

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Step 1
NDEB Application

Step 2
Pass AFK

Step 3 - Direct

Step 3 - Indirect
Complete University

Step 4
Pass Board Exams


Certification & Licensure

Not sure which path is best for you?
Don't worry, experts of Scholars Dental will guide you through the Canadian Equivalency process. All you need to do is book a free consultation with us.

National Dental Examination Board of Canada (NDEB)

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge

Assessment of Clinical Judgement 

NDEB Process - The Direct Pathway & Courses


The NDEB Application Process

This is the first step that all foreign-trained dentists must complete if you planning to become a dentist in Canada. You should start this step as soon as possible even if you haven't completely figured out your immigration process. The steps are:


1. Open an NDEB account

2. Send the required documents

3. Wait for approval


Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) 
The AFK exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that cover all fields of dentistry and is the first step of the journey that all foreign trained dentists must go through. This exam will really test the dentists core understanding and knowledge. We at Scholars Dental believe this is the most important step in the process and have made the preparation for AFK our specialty. We have created an excellent AFK Course. Scoring high opens the university pathway. Learning the core knowledge in the best way possible will ease the remaining steps of the process. Moreover, passing the first step smoothly will give the student confidence to continue the process, whereas failing may damage your confidence.


Assessment of Clinical Judgment (ACJ)

The ACJ exam is a case-base examination that consists of two booklets. The first booklet tests a students clinical judgment in diagnosis and treatment planning through a series of clinical cases with patient info, medical history, dental history, photos, symptoms and other info necessary for the cases. The second booklet consists of radiographs and test a students radiographic inteepretation of pathological conditions, carries, calculus, periodontal conditions and more. Our ACJ Course trains students to apply the fundamental knowledge learned in the AFK Course to realistic clinical cases.



The NDECC exam will test a dentist’s dexterity and clinical skills by preparing and restoring Kilgore teeth. There are 8 projects including crown preps, cavity preps, class II and class IV restorations, temp crowns and more. The student must purchase all the required material for the exam and training period. The Situational Judgement component of this exam assesses judgement required for solving problems in work-related situations. SJT focuses more on ethical and professional situations rather than skill and knowledge. 

Board Exams

OSCE and Written Board Exam

The written board exam is very similar to the AFK exam with a higher passing rate. You can prepare with the same study material. The OSCE exam is similar in structure to the ACJ exam, but with additional templates that evaluating preparations and dentures on models and typodonts. All these differences and more will be discussed in our OSCE course. 

Choose one of the above steps 

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