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Mission Statement

Changing The Way We Learn Dentistry - Achieve dental wisdom and clarity

Pass the NDEB Exams - Become a Better Dentist

Dear doctor,

Hello, my name is Ahmad Hafez. I am a dentist who has a passion for education and helping others. Our goal at Scholars Dental is to help our fellow colleagues reach their maximum potential in a shorter period of time for the AFK. 

Let go of the world of unlimited references, countless Facebook groups, doubtful answers, cloudy concepts, and allow us to clear the path and guide your effort with an exquisite training program fashioned to prepare foreign trained dentists for the AFK exam. A program that we have been designing for years until we have reached near perfection. Even though we have the capability to teach in class, we found the online method we have is much more superior for the students.

If you have failed this exam, do not lose hope. Dental fundamental knowledge can be understood and simplified. I have practiced and designed techniques and strategies to help you comprehend and remember complex material. 

Give us the opportunity to guide you through the first step in the journey, the AFK exam.  

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