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Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Preparation
Online AFK Course - Videos & Live

5-6 months

Build Your Success on a Solid Foundation. 
The AFK course that will change the way you understand dentistry forever. You will notice the benefits of this course everywhere in your career - starting from passing AFK, to ACJ, dental board exams, and afterwards into your dental practice & continuing education.

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Excellent AFK books.



  • Cleverly designed and compiled in 4 dental review books.

  • Colored printing & Free Shipping of books worldwide.

  • Get ahead start on studying and receive the books before the course starts upon registration.

  • Shipping of 15 question booklets that contain over 5000 questions that will solved and explained in the course.

  • Access to digital textbooks on our online platform for the duration of the course (mobile and tablet friendly)

  • Study material that can prepare you for AFK, ADAT and INBDE.


Recorded AFK Videos.

Weekly Live Q&A.


  • Over 250 hours of pre-recorded AFK lecture videos with excellent teaching methods you wish you had in dental school.

  • Videos with English subtitles, chapters, and pop up notes when required.

  • Videos include, lecture videos of all required subjects for the exam, answers and discussion videos of all related AFK questions, and explanation videos of reference articles and important AFK updates.

  • Watch the lectures at your own pace during the week.

  • The online format saves you hours in commute time.

  • Bring your questions to our weekly live Q&A sessions, all your doubts will be cleared by our AFK experts.

  • The live Q&A are dedicated for answering your questions, no pressure to finish on time.


Quizzes, AFK Mocks,

AFK Audio Reviews


  • Weekly quizzes for each module, a quiz before and a quiz after to see your improvement.

  • Mock exams at the end of the course that simulate the actual exam.

  • Learn and practice time management techniques in the mocks that you can apply in the AFK exam.

  • learn how to practice mindfulness and stress control during the mocks to be ready for the AFK exam. We will coach you on these strategies.

  • Evaluation tests after the mocks will help determine your chance of passing the actual exam. 80-90% accuracy.

  • Access to our audio review playlist, an innovative method created by Dr. Hafez for you to review pharmacology names and pathologies for the duration of the course.



Payment Plans.

  • Ongoing motivation and coaching via our whatsapp group.

  • Frequent meetings with Dr. Hafez to discuss anything related to the AFK including how to study, managing time and stress, and answering questions.

  • Our robust admin team is ready to help resolve your queries.

  • Accountability systems that helps you stay on track. With our method, you will be motivated to complete the videos on time.

  • A step by step study guide for every week.

  • A perfectly crafted schedule that simply makes sense, everything is in the right place.

  • Affordable payment plans, can split into 5 payments.

  • Schedules, guides, quizzes, materials, videos, and live sessions all seamlessly build into the online platform.

  • Online platform that is mobile and tablet friendly, chapters, subtitles and pop up video notes for updates.


  • Our AFK course is an investment towards your ADAT preparation. In just a few more weeks we will have you prepared for the ADAT.


Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK)
The AFK exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that cover all fields of dentistry and is the first step of the journey that all foreign trained dentists must go through. This exam will really test the dentists core understanding and knowledge.  We at Scholars Dental believe this is the most important step in the process and have made the preparation for AFK our specialty. We have created an excellent AFK Course. Scoring high opens the university pathway. Learning the core knowledge in the best way possible will ease the remaining steps of the process. Moreover, passing the first step smoothly will give the student confidence to continue the process, whereas failing may damage your confidence.


At Scholars Dental, you don't just learn the material, you learn how to study. Many of us foreign trained dentists have been taught to study and learn material in a way unique to our foreign system, however, the North American style, specifically that of the NDEB is fundamentally different.

We teach you how to orient your mind towards the exam, how to think like NDEB test-writers, how to learn effectively from your practice problems (with our detailed answer explanations), and how to study using our material in conjunction with the NDEB material for maximum benefit.


It is common knowledge that there is a daunting amount of material that is covered on the AFK exam. That's what makes it so hard. However, not all of it is tested equally, some of it, not at all. Knowing what to focus your efforts on will save you time and energy that you can put towards your weaknesses.


At Scholars Dental, we've done the research so you don't have to. We've studied, compiled and organized the fundamentals of dentistry specifically to cater to the strengths and weaknesses of foreign trained dentists writing the Canadian dental exams. We'll teach you the right topics, in the right order, so everything synthesizes to make a complete picture. You can sit back and relax knowing that you are studying the most effectively.

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